(Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories &Yukon Territories…Canada)

The role of the Coordinator is to grow the people and organizations in their region that have committed themselves to the Eden Alternative™ philosophy.  What long term care has lacked up to this point is a system of mentoring, honoring and encouraging those who are reaching for a higher ground. That is what the EA Coordinators are all about. They conduct Associate trainings and oversee the Eden Alternative™ growth.

Cheryl L. George     
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Phone (306) 230-8790
Fax: (306) 655-3688
Email: edenalt.canada@gmail.com

Suellen Beatty      
Sherbrooke Community Centre
401 Acadia Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7H 2E7 Canada
Phone (306) 655-3660
Fax: (306) 655-3688
Email: suellen.beatty@saskatoonhealthregion.ca

Mentors are Associates who have distinguished themselves through their work to create better living environments for our Elders and ourselves. The Eden Alternative™ regional Coordinators nominate associates for this honor based on their assessment of the impact the Associate is having in their chosen line of work.

Dr. Elisabeth J. Drance
Email: edrance@telus.net 

Michele Cook
Executive Director
St. Jude’s Anglican Home
810 West 27th Ave
Vancouver V5Z 2G7
604 874 3200 x 242

Jill Beatty