You Are Invited To Become A Certified Eden Alternative™ Associate

Over the past several years Dr. Bill & Judy Thomas have logged many miles in an effort to spread the word about The Eden Alternative®. We have seen the work of The Eden Alternative® grow from an occasional lecture to an overwhelming demand for advice and education. In 1996, to help further spread the Eden Philosophy, we created a training program to produce Certified Eden Associates. Certified Eden Associates can then help teach the Eden philosophy within their facility, organization, and community, or teach even beyond when collaborating with their EARC (Eden Alternative Regional Coordinator).

You can download and print the registration forms from the Education Opportunities tab and then mail or fax the form to:

Eden Health Solutions
401 Acadia Drive
Saskatoon, SK  S7H 2E7
Fax (306) 655-3688

Untie the Spirit

Untie the Spirit is an exciting two day course where you will learn how to “untie the spirits” of those living with dementia. You will be refreshed in the principles of the Eden Alternative™ which provide a solid framework for reaching out to those whose “minds have changed.”  In this packed two day course you will learn concepts from the best leaders in the field to help you adopt new and successful approaches.  The course will focus on non drug related interventions to improve quality of life for those who live with dementia and those who care for them.  You will leave this course with a renewed energy for caring for those with dementia and an appreciation for the importance of the work you do everyday.