Serving Western Canada since 1999 as Global Partners, Mentors and Educators, Suellen Beatty and Cheryl George have trained over 4000 Certified Eden Associates from hundreds of organizations.

The role of the Coordinator is to grow the people and organizations in their region that have committed themselves to the Eden Alternative® philosophy. What long term care has lacked up to this point is a system of mentoring, honoring and encouraging those who are reaching for a higher ground. They conduct Associate trainings and oversee the Eden Alternative® growth.

Suellen Beatty

Suellen is the former CEO of Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Masters of Science from the University of Saskatchewan.

Suellen was awarded a “Woman of Distinction Award for Management” from the YWCA, a Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General of Canada, a Centennial Medal from the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, the status of “Distinguished Alumnus” from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing, and the Athena Leadership Award.

She is an International Global Partner for Western Canada for the Eden Alternative® has trained over 4000 Certified Eden Associates in three day training courses. Suellen consults to organizations on leadership, environmental design and culture change.

Through the Sherbrooke Learning Centre, Suellen has hosted many visitors from around the world who come to see the Eden Alternative® Philosophy in practice and the design of the Sherbrooke Villages. Sherbrooke is a Certified Member of the Eden Alternative®.

She is married to husband Tom Archibald and they live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the proud grandmother of three.

She can be contacted at or

“Both Cheryl and Suellen are very good teachers, and Eden is near to their hearts. I find them so very sincere and honest. They both realize the journey is ongoing. They have provided me with tools I will need to succeed. I thank my manager for the opportunity to come to this workshop.”

– participant from Eden Associate Training program

Cheryl George

Cheryl shares the role of International Global Partner for Western Canada with Suellen Beatty and they have been teaching, mentoring and supporting the growth of The Eden Alternative® since 1999. She serves as an International Board Member on the Eden Alternative® Board of Directors.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, an Extended Studies Diploma in Gerontology from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Science in Community Health Education from the University of Oregon.

Cheryl served as Education Leader at Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for over 28 years. In this role she supported the adoption and implementation of the Eden Alternative® Philosophy. Sherbrooke has been an Eden Registry Member since January 1999 and received the Eden Alternative® Master Gardener Award in 2010. Sherbrooke is regarded as a Centre of Excellence internationally, and Cheryl has helped to host visitors from around the world as they come for a tour or a learning experience at the Sherbrooke Learning Centre.

Cheryl was on the initial Advisory Committee for iGen, a grade 6 class located at Sherbrooke Community Centre. This intergenerational class provides close and continuing contact between Elders in long term care and school aged children over the period of one school year.

Cheryl is passionate about quality of life for all care partners and loves to share what she has learned with others. She has presented across Canada and the U.S.A. as well as Australia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Cheryl lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is the proud mother of son Davis.

She can be contacted at